Bonjour. The official launching of Ipoh's very own Big Ultimate Games (or BUG in short) is this Sunday, 2nd March at YMCA Ipoh, 5p.m. We will be having 3 games, Ultimate Frisbee, Football and Captain's Ball, which will all run at the same time.

Below is some information about BUG.

BUG Ipoh meets every Sunday at YMCA Ipoh from 5 to 7 p.m.

Games: Football, Ultimate Frisbee & Captain's Ball (All games will be played simultaneously)

BUG Mission: Channeling Youth to Christ Jesus Team through Sports

The BUG Team
1.Edwin Khoo - Ipoh Wesley Methodist
2. Anthony Chelliah - Word of Life
3. Tan Kian Aun - Elim Gospel Hall
4. Adrin Yeap - Elim Gospel Hall
5. Eric Yeoh - Elim Gospel Hall
6. William Chang - Elim Gospel Hall

Fellow TEAM Players
1. Ipoh Wesley Methodist
2. Word of Life
3.Tamil Methodist Church
4. Kledang Community Chapel
5. Full Gospel Assembly
6. Assembly of God
7. Canning Garden Baptist Church
8. Song YMCA
9. Elim Gospel Hall

Hope to see you all there this Sunday!!!